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Crystallizing Conversations

A Podcast by Jillian & Iris

Jillian Aurelia Green, of Sage Crystals, and Iris Unique Harmon of Iris Unique, explore ancient traditions, new age philosophies, spiritual modalities, and mental health, all while connecting back to the crystals that support us along the way.

This is a space to be curious, to delve deep into our abilities to perceive, heal, and thrive. Through the warmth of easy conversation, pathways and possibilities are opened for listeners to discover the tools that enable us all to expand ourselves, and connect with others.

This isn’t just a podcast. It’s a community of your closest spiritual friends. Welcome to Crystalizing Conversations.

New episodes every full and new moon.

Ready to start listening?

Like grabbing a cup of tea with your favorite spiritual friends, Crystallizing Conversations is here to delight, inspire, and remind you of the beautiful divine being you truly are.

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