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Iris Unique has long been an advocate for self-care and mental health, focusing on empowering others to be their most authentic selves through spiritual growth and crystal companionship.

Iris’ life path began as a Veterinary Technician, where she quickly realized that the only way to be fully present for the animals was to ensure her own mental and emotional needs were supported. She began incorporating healing crystals into her life as part of that support, and in 2017, Iris was inspired to begin sharing them with others, founding Iris Unique, Inc.

Through her in-depth knowledge and personal experiences, she has been able to connect tens of thousands of people to their own crystalline healing tools. In 2021 Iris channeled a free online Encyclopedia of Crystal Formations, exploring the energetics of crystals through their structures, rather than just their typical metaphysical meanings, helping us to better understand and unlock the full potential of our crystal allies.

Through her commitment and passion to helping others, Iris has built a steadfast community from all over the world, joined together through their love of crystals.

Jillian Aurelia Green

Jillian Aurelia Green is a certified Crystal and Reiki healer, Psych-K® Master Facilitator, energy worker, teacher, soul singer, and founder of Sage Crystals, an online boutique, social-media shop, and brick-and-mortar store providing all-natural, ethically-sourced crystals since 2018.

After the sudden onset of an illness left her bedridden for almost a year, Jillian departed her career as a performer, and refocused on her spiritual healing, gravitating immediately to the crystals she loved as a child and to which she always felt connected.

Empowering hundreds of thousands to utilize crystals to embrace their own divinity through her educational Live crystal programs over the last five years, Jillian’s work has been deeply focused on reconnecting ourselves to Earth, the human collective, and to the power of our emotions.

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