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Integrate and embody the wisdom from your favorite episodes.

Crystallizing Conversations is more than just a podcast.

Especially curated for you, our Embodiment Journeys have been created by our expert Guest Speakers to help you integrate and apply the wisdom from each of our episodes into your own life.

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  • A means to explore and integrate topics from the podcast on a deeper level
  • Time away from your everyday obligations to nurture your soul, and take care of you
  • Sample different modalities to see what is aligned for you
  • Get a taste of what it's like to work with our expert guest speaker, prior to making the full commitment

Everyone learns differently. We honor you. 


It has been proven that just as we are all different, so are the ways in which we learn best.

Crystallizing Conversations honors your journey.

Different Modalities for Different People

  • Auditory: Guided Meditations, or Recorded Lectures to deepen your exploration.
  • Reading/Writing: Written Excerpts and Reflection Prompts designed to support self-awareness
  • Visual: Video Lessons and Demonstrations to expand your connection to the subject.
  • Kinesthetic: Tactile presentations, Rituals, and Movement-Based Activities augment physical integration

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A note from us

If you are here, then you are in the right place. 


Our Embodiment Journeys are an offering- an opportunity created especially for you- to assist you on your personal soul journey. Each time you choose to heal and grow, the collective heals and grows with you. Thank you for crystallizing with us.

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