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Embodiment Journey: Ep 3: Tapping Into Your Intuition

"Decision making with your intuition."

In this Embodiment Journey, intuitive guide Harumi LaDuke teaches us how to use the wisdom from our body to make decisions, with this powerful excerpt from her “You’ve got Intuition” course. This Embodiment Journey includes 3 instruction videos, as well as a PDF workbook to follow along.

Light a candle, grab those intuition crystals, and let Harumi guide you into reconnecting with your innate intuition.

Harumi LaDuke (she/her) is an intuitive guide based in Seattle. She helps heal and clear trauma through a variety of energetic tools: Emotional Freedom Techniques (“tapping”), PSYCH-K, Emotion Code, Inner Voice facilitation, energy work, Inner Child guidance, psychic mediumship and Human Design. Working with Harumi offers rapid transformation, deep insights, and a better connection to your inner wisdom so you can transform your life for the better.