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Embodiment Journey, Ep. 4: Crystallizing Water (And How It Can Transform Your Life)

“Attuning to your Soul Waters”

In this Embodiment Journey, Dr. Yael Green guides you through a serene and transformative Soul Water Attunement.

This Embodiment Journey includes:

  • (1) 20 minute guided Attunement
  • (1) step-by-step Instructional Video on how to re-structure water

Create your own glass of structured water, and then allow yourself to relax into embodiment as you dive into the depths of your Soul Waters.


Dr. Yael Green embodies an extensive knowledge of sacred geometry, balance and harmony. Yael uses technological understanding of the non-physical, to activate and imprint the earth grids and the waters to return to their original state of neutrality. She has spent the last 25 years in the fields of organizational and systems management, physical therapy, somatics, sound healing, and education. Yael now focuses on paradigm shifts through system re-patterning, dimensional energetics, and movement, and offers WATER MEDICINE JOURNEYS and attunements.